Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Channel Islands National Park

Not all of our 59 national parks in 
the US are accessible by car. The Channel 
Islands off the coast of southern California comprise eight islands, five of which are designated a national park, including portions of the marine environment below the ocean’s surface. The baby western gull seen here represents just one of the 387 species of birds that have been observed to date on the Channel Islands. Some 145 of those species are unique to the islands—found nowhere else on Earth. Any time is a good time to go bird watching at Channel Islands National Park, but National Park Week means free admission to all the parks. So now could be the best time of all to pay a visit. 

And while you are in town please visit the Museum of Ventura County, located in Ventura, California, which is the gateway to Channel Islands National Park.

Western gull chick, Channel Islands National Park, CA

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