Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trophy Husbands, Zoe's Cafe, Ventura, California

Lots and lots of music in Ventura, California. We have various music festivals and Ventura was on the ground floor, when it comes to music. I mean, I remember when I was 3 years old I heard sounds coming out of a magical black box. The Four Freshmen mixed with Chuck Berry as I recall. 

It was the Beach Boys and they were talking about going on a safari. And when Brian Wilson and his brothers sang about surfers in my hometown who were "at Rincon, they're walking the nose." Well I may have been only three I knew what they meant, and where they meant. My hometown, whose county, Ventura, also contains that famous "County Line" that the boys sang about in Surfin' USA. 

The Majestic Ventura Theater, has hosted literally thousands of music shows since it opened in August of 1928. I have wasted literal years in that place, seeing some of the best music ever made on the planet. It is still one of my favorite places to see, and hear, actual live people, playing actual music. The Ventura Fairgrounds are well known for rock shows to this day.

Hearts broke all over Ventura when Zoe's went under. The best food, atmosphere, and music could not save it. They supported local musicians to their maximum ability, and the downtown music scene changed when they went down. They will be missed not only by the "Trophy Husbands," who are pictured on this handbill, but by everyone in Ventura who loved, and loves their city, and it's songs.

Please visit @museumofventuracounty, and support our city, and it's musical history, as well as all the other histories to be found in Ventura, California.

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