Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Harry Lechler

This was me and one old man. I write in many ways. But only to believers. Harry was a true man. I think I wrote this. Cannot recall. All say I am lying, except those who know me and my silly face from 2000. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ventura Has Actual Music Under the Stars!

I have been on KVTA AM1590, a few times in the last week or so. Tom and I talked about Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, and today we spoke about the dangers of the Zika virus, just today, as a matter of fact. 

Tom Spence @KVTANewsAM1590, spoke about music under the stars in Ventura, California, at the Olivas Adobe. I have seen Tom there 7 times. Ask him how many times he has seen me there. Never. Why?

Tom is usually busy. So these are for him. The first night is gone but you could go. If you had my tickets. For those without tickets. 

"Music Under The Stars" Dated Ventura, California, ephemera. Except, the first program, of course. No date on that one! All the rest? Dated!

Please visit @museumofventuracounty. Thank you Tom Spence, who is having a birthday on 7-15-2016. Watch what myself and Bernard Shakey do then? Yes, we will probably be arrested, with guitars, yes.
An Opening Collage could go here but no.

This one has no date?

Possibly from the early turn of the century?

Later that decade this happened. I know. Trust Tom Spence!

Many of these look the same but with different year dates.

These people dance on the paper a lot!

Tom Spence said they came, they danced, they left.

And then is was 2011 and remember nothing after that right Tom Spence.

Friday, July 1, 2016

What is Ventura History?

This year, San BuenaVentura,(my spelling, so there!) turned 150 years old. I also collect stuff like this poster for "Sexy Death Soda," and other, Ventura County, and, Ventura City related materials. 

I have things. Just things. Music things mostly. About music. In Ventura, California. Most of what I suffer from now can be represented by letters. Almost the whole literal alphabet, in various transmutations.

Many things can be derived from this poster. Just by looking folks. Actually, scratch that; you will need to be able to actually see things, not just look, to understand the "alphabet" mindset. Look at it. 

Do you see these things? In an instant? a literal moment? Let's go through OCD, and eidetic memory, once with full, five part harmony, and feeling:

The hills behind the City Hall in Ventura are aflame. The cross is off in the left corner. Flames are going to burn down the old jail, right off the bat. Also, the "Father Serra Statute," seems to be aflame. 

If you have come this far into an OCD mind, you are a true warrior. Means you were probably born in the County of Ventura, California. Possibly in Santa Paula, Fillmore, or San BuenaVentura. That's where I was born. They named me Steven Ray, by accident.


Again Father Serra appears to be aflame and while that is distressing in the extreme, the psychotic nut farmer, who drew this, and I wish I knew who it was. They then, actually attempted to recreate the gargoyles on the front of the Ventura City Hall building. All those smiley faces?


This is sicker than I have ever been in my life, but again, I digress.

Poli Street is between Ventura City Hall, and a teeny tiny, for a better term,"traffic island." This is where Father Serra, is aflame atop some sort of podium or proscenium that is inscribed, "Sexy Death Soda." Don't ask me why, don't ask me who. I have no idea. My niece found it yesterday, while checking files. I thought it was interesting because, it is a rendering of Ventura City Hall.

Sorry building shelves. (see John Irving)

Anyway, off to Father Serra's left, but your right, faithful reader, are two dogs fornicating. If you cannot see the two dogs engaging in canine carnal knowledge then look to your "Military Right." Which is total opposite of the way you are looking, right now. Looking left? "Look to your military right." SSgt. Willie E Bedgood. Me: "Oh that way? Over there sarge? Near those guys with the guns?"

In the Army we all bet a lot of money on a swear jar bet. A lot of money. 1000 dollars. $250.00 each. CQ duty. 1800 hours until 0600. Eat, drink, watch insanity. Stay awake all night, go to bed. Fun. You have not lived until someone asks you who put the "intercoursing" boot marks by the CQ desk? I cursed at this, and went to eat at the mess hall. 

Shall I continue?

All aboard for the OCD express!

Steve, why did you mention the two dogs? You did not need to do that. People would see that on their own! Are you going to use the pen and paper to smash a watermelon next? This is beyond the pale! Explain yourself young man! This instant!

Next on the agenda is where we discover that this is being presented by "Sleek Pup" Productions.(hence the 2 dogs scenario; "deductive reasoning?" See Perry Mason) In laypersons terms, this person is the "concert promoter." 

They are in charge of the important things. Mostly jail, paternity suits, riots, fires, and emergency wards. Oh and overselling the venue, etc. Getting the hookers and blow. 1970's SOP. People you are going to need to look this stuff up because I am not a guide. 

And the money. Almost forgot the geedus.($$$ see Cub Koda)

So a lot of times, especially when you have a 5 band show and the headliner is "Sexy Death Soda," you go a bit too far. Especially, when you own a promotional company who are putting all their eggs into one giant "Sexy Death Soda."

In a very literal sense.

I cannot type; I am snickering a bit right now. 

Hello OCD?

OK, now we are back. "Oh hello, hyper-ironic OCD; Pull Up a chair. What say you?"

"Yes, the bands were, "Da Da Munchamonkey. All of the names? OK, they opened. Next were: "Clamshoe," "Enok," "Brazil 2001," and "Sexy Death Soda?" They closed. I do not remember much of this really. I think I went in and ripped this off the wall of "Art City," and then ran out. It may have been in 2001. How many what? People? 3 people. It was sad. Please stop. This is mean."

"One of the three of them said, to take it, and did I have a dollar for bus fare? Now that was a true bargain! Now I am a docent for @museumofventuracounty in both Ventura and Santa Paula and I am at "Art City," every once in a while. Hi K! I have little ability to predict the future but "Sexy Death Soda?" 


"That was mean!"

"Did you notice what was next to where is says the words "Sleek Pup?" "I am you, so you know I saw it. Really do we need to go to this level of being mean. The fact that this is semi-fictional, except for the vintage handbill, notwithstanding? You suck subconscious mind!"

"Yes, I will write the words, under protest, it says: "Do ya wanna' rock?" Yes, that is quite ironic after all. I don't know if the Marshall stack with 6 twelves makes it funnier. Rorsacht Blot, I think. it might be a face. It could be. Happy? And yes, three people could rock! Ask Nancy Austin. She was in a band with me for exactly one noche." 

"Don't believe me. Ask her. You know NEWBA don't you all. And yes, there is a high probability that it did not rock but again, this is a history lesson. Not the "Don Rickles Roast."

"I need to go Staples and buy an eraser for my mind. It's starting to hurt. Not now Don Rickles! Please. OK?, my literal mind is now free. Freestyling? What is that?"

"OK, I think I remember this: Clamshoe actually had clam shoes. Not kidding here. Dudeman refused to share, and ate all the corn. "Art City" is either the right next to or right past what was "Johnny's Burritos." "The map is a trap." Special guest?"

This guy.

OCD-101? Class dismissed! Again no names have been changed because only Nancy Austin is innocent. Truth!

Tabarez. Out. Listen to the Staple Singers this weekend, and dance if you are able. Other than Roebuck (Pops Staples) white folks are playing this one. Ready the car for Muscle Shoals. The one off the Jackson Highway. You know where. Love and mercy. Be true!