Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ventura Has Actual Music Under the Stars!

I have been on KVTA AM1590, a few times in the last week or so. Tom and I talked about Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, and today we spoke about the dangers of the Zika virus, just today, as a matter of fact. 

Tom Spence @KVTANewsAM1590, spoke about music under the stars in Ventura, California, at the Olivas Adobe. I have seen Tom there 7 times. Ask him how many times he has seen me there. Never. Why?

Tom is usually busy. So these are for him. The first night is gone but you could go. If you had my tickets. For those without tickets. 

"Music Under The Stars" Dated Ventura, California, ephemera. Except, the first program, of course. No date on that one! All the rest? Dated!

Please visit @museumofventuracounty. Thank you Tom Spence, who is having a birthday on 7-15-2016. Watch what myself and Bernard Shakey do then? Yes, we will probably be arrested, with guitars, yes.
An Opening Collage could go here but no.

This one has no date?

Possibly from the early turn of the century?

Later that decade this happened. I know. Trust Tom Spence!

Many of these look the same but with different year dates.

These people dance on the paper a lot!

Tom Spence said they came, they danced, they left.

And then is was 2011 and remember nothing after that right Tom Spence.

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